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Lady Sophia Blunt Legacy Fund

Having laid dormant for some years and following a lengthy consultative process, The Lady Sophia Blunt charity was wound up and removed from the Central Register of Charities in February 2018. 


The dissolution form, 0175390, stated that the remaining assets would:
‘be distributed between All Saints, Old Heathfield and St Richards Church, Heathfield for the benefit of the needy people of Heathfield.’


A small sub-committee was formed looking at ways the monies could be used or distributed, keeping in mind the spirit of the legacy.


Mindful of the content in the Heathfield Benefice Mission Action Plan, particularly noting references to youth work, the sub-committee also investigated the needs of the local community through talking to individuals, local charities and attendance at a Youth Council meeting.


Following recommendations made to the PCC’s we are now delighted to announce the following beneficiaries and sums have been awarded so far:


If you would like any further details about the legacy fund please contact us.