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Streatfield's proposed design of St Richard's Church


The history of St Richard's Church goes back to at least 1907 when a public subscription list was opened.  The nave was built at a cost of £1,441.17s.6d. and was dedicated on 30 July, 1912 by Dr Charles Ridgeway, the Bishop of Chichester from 1908 to 1919.  


The original design of the church was by G.E.S.Streatfield.  The sketch to the left shows Streatfield's proposed design. This and the panel below titled 'Alexandra Road Church' are reproduced from a news leaflet of 1910.  





Alexandra Road Church update from Vicar 1910

The church was intended to be built in sections as funds became available.  Temporary walls to the north and south of the nave were built with this in mind. The proposed north aisle and tower have never been built and the temporary north wall is still present. 


The photo below (date unknown) clearly shows the south wall prior to the building of the south aisle.  


The nave was the first part to be built and in 1963 the south aisle, vestry extension and southwest entrance porch were added.  


 Inside St Richard's before South Aisle built (date unknown)












In 2004 the entrance porch was remodelled and a toilet was added.