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The Bells

The Bells

The All Saints Church tower has 8 gorgeous bells, which, in bell ringing parlance, are described as “easy going”, meaning that they are relatively easy to ring and great to learn on.


The largest bell weighs 11.0.8cwt (just over half a tonne), making our ring of bells roughly average in weight with other churches in the Country.  


The original church building did not include any bells, and the first bell was not installed until 1701. Further bells were added over the years, until, in 1920, the existing 6 bells were recast and an additional 2 added to give the 8 bells we enjoy hearing today. 


This change required a significant sum of money, which was donated by James Groves, the resident of Heathfield Park at the time, as a thanks offering for peace after the end of the First World War. 


So, the next time you hear the bells pealing out over the Wealden countryside, take a moment to think of the sound as a celebration of peace. 


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