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Resuming Public Worship


 You can register here for services from 8am on the Friday before the service.

Before registering your place for a service, please read carefully all the information below.


Register here for the Service of Holy Communion on Sunday 16th August. 


We are delighted to be able to re-open for public worship. In order to ensure that we adhere to social distancing measures, numbers attending the service will be limited to 30. In order to manage this effectively, everyone is asked please to register in advance. This is to avoid anyone being turned away at the door once we are full.  


Before you register to come to the service, please take the time to read the information below about resuming public worship in the Benefice. We apologise for the rather bureaucratic feel to this information: it is designed to communicate clearly the new measures that we have put in place so you know what to expect and to reassure you of the steps that have been taken to keep you safe. 



Resuming Public Worship in the Benefice

In order to ensure your safety and that of our volunteers, our church services will look and feel very different from what we’re used to, at least in the early weeks and months. 


So what will be different?

Face coverings 

Who can come?

Where will services be held?

Registration in advance

Arrival at church


Service Sheets

Music and Singing


The Peace

Holy Communion

After the Service

These guidelines will be kept under regular review and will be updated in light of any further changes announced by the Government, or change in advice from the Church of England or the Diocese.


Version No. 4


Issued on 7th July 2020